Of course, my laptop crashes

I start setting up a new page, getting excited to really start using everything I’ve set up here and…my laptop horks. Completely redid the thing.

So, I’m back to setting things up again but it’s turned out as a positive. It’s making me get off my ass and build this damn site up like I want. The hubs got me a Wacom for my birthday so I’m really looking forward to putting some of my art up here; old and new.

Stay tuned and if you haven’t noticed, the new page is all about our misadventures living with Loki; the God of Mischief. I’ll be updating that page mostly since it’s so behind on the pics. Hopefully it’s something that will make people smile.

Hey, a post!

So, just remembered I have this thing, lol.

I’ve recently thought about how my creative momentum has slowed. I used to do some writing, art, blogging and/or creating this thing to do that and nothing has happened lately. Nothing has definitely happened here. I know some of it has to do with the medication I must take daily and there’s nothing I can do about that.

But, I want to challenge myself. I want to see if I can use this thing at least to get some of the stuff in my head out. It’s getting kinda crowded.

And it begins…again

First post since I created this thing.

It will be used.

So, I split things up by genre. You’ll find just my usual day to day ramblings here. More specific stuff on it’s respective sub site.

It’s funny to even look at what I actually put on here before the long hiatus. My kid looks so much older. I am happy to say I look pretty much the same. Except for having horrible back issues now.

Hmm, that’ll be the first official post topic I think.

I do intend on using this

Yeah, it’s been a while but this site will be used. So get ready.

Oh and here’s a random picture of me:


First post from my phone

Checking out this “blogging from phone” thing. Pretty cool.


Introducing the spawn

We entered into the dark unknown. Yes that crazy and sometimes stinky world of parenthood. We drew from the hat of life and well…I think we got one hell of a kid.

This is Dana. Otherwise known as Snips (thanks to her Aunt Heather). She gets into a lot of trouble so I imagine you’ll be seeing a lot of her.

Dana in my hat

Someone stole my winter hat.

And so it begins

Yet another place for me to spill my thoughts, actions and pictures of my kid, heh. The husband will pop in every now and then I’m sure. But basically this is my site for all the stuff I finally get around to.

Like this post.

Yep. That's me.

Not what you were expecting, huh?

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